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Torchwood Stillness
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Welcome to torchwoodstills! This community is strictly for non-animated icons. Feel free to join at any point, whether you wish to enter or just want to vote.

Three Torchwood-related pictures will be posted every fortnight. You will have two weeks to make and submit up to four icons based on these pictures.

1. No animated icons.
2. Up to four icons may be submitted per challenge.
3. Entries must be in by 6pm (GMT) on Saturday.
4. Do not use or display your submitted icons anywhere until after voting has finished and results have been announced.
5. Your icons must be in acceptable LJ format (ie. 100x100 pixels; in .jpg, .png, or .gif format; less than 40kb in size)
6. Submit your icons in the following way:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Banner? Yes/No

1. Comment with the numbers of your three favourite icons on the 'Voting' post.
2. Vote for the number of icons specified. Votes for any more or less will not be counted.
3. Voting opens every other Saturday. You will have until the following Saturday at 6pm (GMT) to vote.
4. No voting for your own icons.
5. No voting from non-members or anonymous users.


Contact clouded_logic or in_purple_skies if you have any questions.

Thanks to the gallery @ chaotic creative for the caps.

And finally, as with all stillness communities, a mention must go to the great quebelly for starting off the whole thing.